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Lewis & Clark Law School Animal Legal Defense Fund

Shanna McCormack

Public Relations Chair

Shanna is a second-year student at Lewis & Clark Law School who moved to Portland from Kansas City to study animal and environmental law. She is interested is how both animal and environmental law relate to food and agriculture and she hopes to work on animal agriculture issues in the future.

Before law school, Shanna attended Drake University where she majored in Environmental Science and Environmental Policy. Immediately after arriving at Lewis & Clark, she got involved with Lewis & Clark Law School Animal Legal Defense Fund by serving as the 1L Representative. During her time as the 1L Representative she helped plan the annual MeatOut event where all law students were invited to enjoy a vegan lunch and enter a raffle to win prizes.

This past summer Shanna interned for Earth Law Center helping to write and advocate for rights for nature, including rivers and whole ecosystems, to protect them from toxic pesticides which harm animals and the planet alike.

Shanna enjoys all things that relate to cats. This summer she spent her free time with the neighbor’s cat Twister (pictured above) who lounged in the backyard with her. She also loves trying new foods, exploring the city, and reading books about nutrition.

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Lewis & Clark Law School Animal Legal Defense Fund


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Shanna McCormack Public Relations Chair

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