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Brief Background: Prior to coming to law school, I was working as a human resources consultant for the State of Arizona. In addition, I was also working for Amnesty International, managing their Phoenix, AZ relations. I had been thinking about going to law school for a few years prior to making the decision and I will say that I am so glad that I did! My husband and I, along with our four “fur-kids” packed our bags and began our new adventure in Portland.

Top 3 Activities: (1) Public Interest Law Project, (2) International Law Society, and (3) Oregon State Bar’s Opportunities for Law In Oregon (OLIO) 

Each of these activities are important to me because they allowed me to contribute to great work being done during my first semester of law school. I am the 1L CLE Coordinator for the Public Interest Law Project and that role introduced me to many individuals in the legal community who I now see as mentors. I was able to travel to New York for an international law conference on behalf of the International Law Society, which was partially funded by the Student Bar Association. This was an incredible opportunity. Finally, I attended the weekend-long retreat, OLIO, that occurs prior to the fall semester, and being new to the Portland area, it was a great introduction to the legal community.

Favorite class at L&C:

My favorite class at Lewis & Clark has been contracts. It was a tough class, but my professor made it really engaging. Contracts gives individuals the opportunity to create private law between private parties and I found that really fascinating. The problems that we work through in contracts challenge us to think outside of the box. I truly felt like I was “thinking like a lawyer” in this class and because of that, I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be: in law school.

Why law school?

I decided to go to law school because I want to make a difference in the word and after many years of reflecting, researching, and talking to many people, I found that becoming a lawyer was the best way to achieve this goal. I believe that lawyers are given a special power: access to justice. Lawyers have the ability to shape the lives of many through legal analysis and policy arguments to shape the common law created by courts. This shaping of common law can impact one life or millions of lives.

Why Lewis & Clark?

I chose Lewis & Clark because I truly felt “at home” when I visited and met with staff, faculty, and students. I had lived in Arizona my whole life and staying there for law school was the practical choice because my husband was two years into medical school and we had established our lives there. But, after visiting and learning of the many (I do mean MANY) opportunities available to students, the amazing faculty, and walking around campus, I knew Lewis & Clark was where I wanted to be shaped into a lawyer. It was the best decision I have made!

Advice for students  

My number one piece of advice when deciding on your law school choice: choose the school you will attend based on YOU. Law school is a major decision and where you attend will truly shape you – not just your professional self, but also your personal self. At times, this shaping can be uncomfortable because you are challenged to think in a way you have never experienced before. Consider the environment you want to be in when this shaping happens. The education provided by a law school is a major consideration, but also be sure to consider the resources and opportunities available to students because when you are challenged to “think like a lawyer” and it feels uncomfortable, you want to have a support system and resources in place so that you can prosper.

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