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Alexis Baello

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    A. Baello

Brief Background: After getting my BA, I actually went to law school for a semester. I thought it wasn’t the right thing for me at the time so I soul-searched for a while, while traveling across Asia and Europe. I worked for a few years doing real estate and loans (I got my Brokers and Mortgage Loan Originators licenses). Eventually, I ended up finding myself wanting to go back to law school.

My Top 3 Favorite Activities: 

1. Yoga keeps my mind and body happy. Not exercising actually really messes with me. It’s crazy when you can feel your body craving exercise the way it can crave water.

2. Extra-curricular activities (law school orgs, community service, and bar associations) remind me that there’s a world outside of law school and bigger purpose that we’re working toward—whether that’s getting to rub elbows and getting drinks with attorneys or seeing people who benefit from certain pro-bono activities.

3. Sleep is a highly underrated pastime that people should indulge in more often!

 Favorite class at L&C: Torts was honestly the most fun class I’ve taken. It’s something not many people know about before law school and the cases are often somewhat funny if you have a gallows humor. I also very much enjoyed my professor.

Meaningful academic experience outside the classroom: I was having some landlord issues my first semester of my second year. It made it really hard to focus on classes. I was amazed and comforted by the professors that were willing to sit with me and hear out my problems and give as much non-attorney-client-privileged advice as they could.

Why law school? Quitting law school the first time and having a whole career but then realizing that I did in fact need a legal education helped me decide to go to law school. Law school is something that you need to decide to do for yourself, not for anyone else. It should be a decision for your future and an investment of time or resources in yourself.

Why L&C? I actually decided to go to LC Law because I wanted to experience something outside of California but still be near enough to my family that I could go home if I needed to. Second, Portland is a beautiful city, and LC Law was literally in a forest which is just super cool. Third, my tour guide didn’t show up for my tour at another law school I was visiting, and finally, I got financial aid from an LC Law donor.

Advice for prospective law students: Don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. Think about the entire experience when choosing a law school: academics, location, the community-culture, the demographics of the school and surrounding area.

Hardest thing about adjusting to law school: It’s not like being in undergrad. You actually have to work really hard to get an A.

Top 10 List of recommendations on- or off-campus: 

1) Dog-friendly campus. A pooch to pet is never too far away. If you’re having a hard time finding one, try Professor Bushaw or Dean Johnson’s office. And if all else fails, stop by Earthrise.

2) Run the trails behind campus.

3) Explore the undergrad.

4) Take advantage of undergrad perks including buffet-cafeteria and free events/movie screenings.

5) Plug into networking events that are free for law students. It’s a great way to meet people and explore Oregon and the various courthouses.

6) The Grotto.

7) Discount Blazers games with your student email.

8) Seattle is only 2 hours north (with no traffic).

9) Pacific City is only 2 hours west.

10) Mt. Hood has good snowboarding.

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