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Erin Fox Ocón


Erin Fox Ocón began her career teaching after-school theater to underserved populations in Washington, DC, discovering a passion for equity and education. Later, she earned her MAT at Lewis & Clark, and went on to teach in Hillsboro, OR. She worked with 7th and 8th grade students as a Language Arts, Reading Support, and ESOL Instructor. One of her teaching focuses was bringing poetry to middle school students, especially through using the William Stafford Archives.  Her teaching was sustained by her teacher-research practice and writing about it for Choice Literacy. As her career continued, she worked as a Language Arts mentor, supervisor, and instructor for Lewis & Clark, and found she loves supporting beginning teachers on their journey, especially in the area of literacy education. In addition to writing about education, Erin enjoys writing poetry and fiction. 


Ocón, E. (2015). William Stafford and the Writing Process. Oregon English Journal, Spring 2015 10 - 12.

Ocón, E. (2013). Nature and the Writing Process. We Belong in History. Portland, OR: Ooligan Press.

Ocón, E. (2013). Niebla. The Portland Review, 59.2 13 - 28.

Ocón, E. (2011). Art. The Aurorean, Fall/Winter 2011 - 2012 28.

Ocón, E. (2007). City of Bridges. Walking Bridges Using Poetry as a Compass. Portland, OR: Urban Adventure Press.

Academic Credentials:

MAT 2007 Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education

BA 2003 The George Washington University

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Teacher Education


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