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Max Southam

Trip Specialist, Warehouse Staff

Education: Class of 2019, Biology Major (Pre-Med) 

Hey fellow humans, My name is Max and I grew up in the outdoors of Maine. My priorities are fairly simple 1.) Cats 2.) Water 3.) Safety. I enjoy riding/racing bikes, skiing downhill and cross country. You can also catch me doing all sorts of outdoor activities. I am always looking for a new thing to do (unless it involves bridges or water). 
I lead the ski clinics for College Outdoors which is a wonderful time. I love spending time up on Mt. Hood, and I enjoy skiing so it works out well. College outdoors has given me the opportunity to share my favorite activities with a bunch of new people in a bunch of new places. 


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Max Southam Trip Specialist, Warehouse Staff

Lewis & Clark 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road Portland OR 97219 USA