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Akriti Bhargava

Akriti (pronounced like Socrates without the s’s, and with a flat ‘th’ like in plethora) (she/her) is easily excited by conversations about local and global decarbonization and grid electrification, and also climate (and socio-economic) justice. Born in the US, grown in India, re-acclimated to American ‘culture’ in Vermont, hit her stride in Oakland, CA, she now finds herself living in Portland: the 9th city she’s moved to in her lifetime.

Akriti is our SBA VP for Equity & Inclusion, and brings with her a passion for equitable justice; experience in advocacy, and political and union organizing; and tools for institutional shifts towards inclusion and belonging. She’s excited to engage the student body to identify and implement lasting solutions and structures of equity.



Second Title

Executive Board Member