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    California Voice for Crime Victims

    Funded by a subgrant from the National Crime Victim Law Institute with funding from the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, the Clinic serves victims of state and federal crimes prosecuted in the Greater Sacramento region of California, asserting and enforcing victims’ rights throughout the criminal justice process. The Clinic also provides documentation of the efforts to achieve continued provision of liegal rights for victims in the future.



  • April 28

    Since 1929, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles has provided civil legal services to poor and low-income people in Los Angeles County.

  • August 18

    1 in 6 provides support for male victims of childhood sexual violence with general information, a national 24/7 online support line, and online therapy for residents of California.

  • December 19
    In late summer NCVLI received a call from an assault victim in California. She had learned, after-the-fact, that not only had the prosecution and defense reached a plea agreement in the case, but that defendant had been sentenced at a hearing for which she had no notice (and therefore no opportunity to be heard).  In December, thanks to a pro bono attorney with whom NCVLI works and who volunteered to represent Jenny, two things happened:  1) there will be a re-sentencing hearing at which Jenny will be heard; and 2) the San Francisco courts are changing their practices to try to prevent similar violations in the future.  This is how victims’ rights go from being mere words on paper to changing systems!
  • October 4
    The Custody Project assists mothers and their children with visitation and custody expenses. The organization assists with financial crises affecting care, custody and visitation. They are able to help families with expenses such as rent, utilities, legal fees, education costs and heath costs.
  • January 27
    The Victims of Crime Resource Center provides resource and referral information to victims and their families, victim service providers and other victim advocates. Callers receive information on such matters as victims compensation, victims’ rights in the Justice System, restitution, civil suits, right to speak at sentencing and parole board hearings, as well as information on specific rights of victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, and abuse against disabled.
  • March 21
    California Indian Legal Services provides self-help links for native persons in the California civil legal system, such as information about child custody, housing, and family welfare.
  • March 21
    Los Angeles LGBT Center Domestic Violence Services provides direct services to victims of domestic abuse.  Services include LGBTQ sensitive counselors, assistance in obtaining protective orders and legal services, safety planning, and referrals to other services.
  • February 28
    The California Attorney General’s VSU provides information about the rights of crime victims in California. 
  • February 18
    California Crime Survivors Inc’s mission is to ensure the public knows victims’ rights and needs and to provide resources, support, and information to empower crime victims to survive and thrive.  Victim services include legal information, support groups, and safety trainings.
  • February 18
    California Justice for Homicide Victims advocates for the legal rights of survivors of homicide by providing them information about victims’ rights in all aspects of the criminal justice system.
  • January 31
    CALCASA is a coalition of rape crisis centers, victims service providers, and advocates.  Their website has a list of referrals to member programs that provide direct support to victims.
  • September 7
    The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence is a membership organization of advocates for victims of domestic violence and stalking.  Their website has referrals to local service providers statewide, such as shelter programs.
  • September 7
    This program provides financial assistance to victims of crime for expenses such as medical and counseling costs, loss of wages, loss of support, child care, relocation costs, job retraining, crime scene cleanup, and funeral costs.
  • February 26
    L.A. County’s district attorney calls the implementation a ‘giant leap forward’ and says the system, designed to prevent cases from falling through the cracks, is the first of its kind in the U.S.
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