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  • February 28
    The Iowa Attorney General’s Office operates a Crime Victim Assistance Division (CVAD).  Services of the CVAD include victim notification, assistance with compensation, crisis response, and referrals to statewide victim services such as counseling.
  • January 31
    The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault is a private nonprofit organization whose mission is to unite people and organizations to promote a society free from sexual violence and to meet the diverse needs of survivors of sexual assault.  Their website has referrals to local support providers statewide.
  • December 1
    This program provides financial assistance to victims of crime for expenses such as medical and counseling costs, loss of wages, loss of support, crime scene cleanup, limited replacement of property, and funeral costs.
  • September 7
    Advocating for short and long term changes in the criminal justice system to better meet the needs of victims and witnesses.
  • September 7
    The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence is an organization of advocates for victims of domestic violence statewide.  Their website has referrals to local support and service providers for victims, including shelter programs.
  • September 7
    The mission is to advocate for the rights and the needs of crime victims within the State of Iowa. The division administers programs that directly benefit victims of crime, including those that assist victims with the financial burden resulting from injuries of crime, that assist local crime victim service programs, and that assist the criminal justice system in holding offenders responsible for the effects of their crimes.
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