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  • November 4
    Collaborating Groups: MetroArts, Inc., Young Audiences
    Faculty Contact: Sherri Carreker
  • November 6
    Collaborating Groups: High Desert Education Service District
    Faculty Contact: Janet Bixby
  • June 17
    Explore the principles, theories, research, and practice of second language acquisition. Upcoming cohorts.
    Recent collaborating groups: Various Portland-area schools and districts.
    Faculty contact: Alejandra Favela
  • June 3
    The Early College Access Advocacy Project addresses barriers faced by low income, first generation, minority, and other students who feel disconnected from the educational system.
    Collaborating groups: Centennial Learning Center
    Faculty contact: Andrae Brown, Mollie Galloway
  • June 2
    The Educating for Sustainability Initiative in the West Linn/Wilsonville School District is aimed at developing teams of teachers in each district school who are knowledgeable about sustainability issues and committed to providing their students with opportunities to explore and address them.
    Collaborating groups: West Linn/Wilsonville School District
    Faculty contact: Greg Smith
  • June 2
    Lewis and Clark Faculty from the ESOL/Bilingual Program and the Indigenous Ways of Knowing (IWOK) Program engage in an action based partnership with Umatilla Tribal Educators and Master Linguists.
    Collaborating groups: Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
    Contact: Se-ah-dom Edmo
  • June 2
    Lewis & Clark faculty help Alder Elementary with their Oregon Department of Education-mandated School Improvement Plan.
    Collaborating group: Alder Elementary School
    Faculty contact:TBA
  • June 2
    Lewis & Clark faculty investigate the viability of a community counseling clinic at Roosevelt High School.
    Collaborating groups: Roosevelt High School
    Faculty contacts: Margaret Eichler, Carol Doyle
  • June 2
    OWP continues it’s University/Schools Partnership (USP) work with teachers at various Portland-area schools.
    Collaborating groups: Clarendon/Portsmouth K-8 School, Spanish-English International School (SEIS) at Roosevelt High School, Jefferson High School, Lane Middle School
    Faculty contact: Linda Christensen
  • June 2
    Lewis & Clark faculty work through the achievement gap between White, Latino, and Black students at Beach Elementary School.
    Collaborating group: Beach Elementary School
    Faculty contacts: Alejandra Favela, Sara Exposito
  • June 1
    TIES places middle school teachers in labs conducting biomedical research in order to learn about science from the perspective of the researcher.
  • June 1
    We offer districts a professional development opportunity to enhance their literacy instruction through a series of classes offered in a flexible, on-site program.
    Collaborating groups: Various Portland-area schools and districts.
    Faculty contact: Ruth Shagoury
  • May 28
    An elementary-level science and math certificate program, PrISM improves instruction in mathematics and science across the state of Oregon.
    Collaborating groups: Various Oregon school districts and area universities
    Faculty contact: Sherri Carreker
  • May 28
    Lewis & Clark hosted a one-day summit in order to prepare for Oregon Department of Education audits and strengthen university and district partnerships.
    Collaborating groups: Portland-area school districts
    Faculty contact: Alejandra Favela, Sara Exposito
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