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  • December 3
    Is it possible to receive multiple certificates upon graduation (i.e. both business and environmental) or does the necessary coursework for each prevent this? And even if this is possible, in your opinion, would one be missing out on other important coursework or more beneficial experiences?
  • December 3
    I have a question regarding course curves. I read that the maximum average grade for first year courses is a 3.0. I am wondering whether you know what GPA will put a student in the top 50%? I am wondering because I have been offered a scholarship that requires maintenance of a 2.95 GPA. I don’t doubt my ability to achieve this, but I am wondering roughly what rank (in terms of percentage)to which this GPA would correspond.
  • December 3
    Excuse me for my ignorance, but I have just begun looking into externships. In which years are externships available? Are there certain public interest organizations with which the school prefers students to do externships? Are full fall/spring semester externships encouraged or common?
  • November 11
    I was wondering what a typical time schedule is like for a first year student. How early are classes, what are lunch breaks like, and when does class dismiss? Do we have any choices about time slots or are all schedules pre-fixed?
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