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  • September 16
    Co-Sponsorship committee
  • October 2
    The Resources and Allocation Committee administers the space, supplies, and businesses of the SBA. The R&A committee operates the SBA website, Clarks List, and the Student outlines archive and buyback program. It runs the SBA Student store, helping to design and create resources of value to the student body, such as study materials, merchandise, and clothing. Resources and Allocation is in charge of scheduling the use of the SBA conference room by student groups, as well as control of the advertising and notices on the physical bulletin boards of campus. The R & A committee, in conjunction with the Registrar’s office, also administers the end of the year faculty evaluations.
  • October 2
    The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting elections for first-year pod representatives, the transfer student representative, and any SBA vacancies in the fall. The SBA elections committee also conducts the campus-wide elections of SBA Representatives in the spring. All law students are able to participate by assisting the Committee in conducting the elections, so long as they are not Representatives and not running in the elections. The SBA Internal Vice President chairs the Committee, unless a conflict of interest arises.
  • October 2
    The Budget Committee is responsible for insuring that money collected from student fees is used in accordance with the SBA Constitution, its Bylaws, its Budget policy, and any authorizing directives of the SBA Board of Governors. The Budget Committee is responsible for evaluating requests for funding, auditing expenditures from student organizations, and whenever possible, coordinating the efficient and cost-effective use of student fees by student organizations, or other requesting individuals or organizations. The SBA Treasurer is chair of the Committee, and it consists of 5-12 representatives including the SBA Internal Vice President.
  • October 2
    The Rules Committee sets the rules of how the SBA functions. It is an advisory committee on the operating rules and procedures of the SBA. The Rules Committee adjudicates elections disputes, and conducts a yearly review of the SBA Bylaws. The Rules committee receives, reviews, and publicizes proposed additions and changes to the SBA Bylaws. The Rules committee approves these changes using a simple majority vote on proposed amendments. The committee also handles any proposed referendums that members of the student body at large propose to the SBA to be voted on during campus wide elections. The Rules Committee is chaired by the SBA Secretary.


  • The Green

    The Green is our modern, Lewis & Clark version of a forum. We’re converting and upgrading its underpinnings before adding new features. (Robb)

    This is upgrade is nearly complete, but has been set aside for work on the search engine and the source. (Milestone: none)

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