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  • Your username and password is always the same as your Lewis & Clark email. The information comes from a shared database maintained by Information Technology. If you can get email, but can’t log into LiveWhale, most likely it is because your password has expired; visit

  • LiveWhale allows you to change or remove passwords from your directories easily.

    • From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Pages” tab. (If the Pages tab does not appear, the administrator has not assigned page editing permissions to you.)
    • Click the “File Browser” submenu. You will see a file system browser allowing you to navigate to the directory you wish to edit password protection.
    • Once in the directory, click the “Change directory password” link.
    • On the directory password page, any existing password protection in place is listed.
    • To leave any passwords unchanged, leave the password field blank.
    • To change any passwords, type in the new password in the entry field next to “Password for [username]”
    • To add an additional user/password login, click “Add new user” and fill in the username and password.
    • Once all the usernames and passwords have been configured, click the save button.
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