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Scholarship Retention Data

The ABA requires every member law school to post scholarship retention data on their websites and in their scholarship offers. At Lewis & Clark, we are committed to our students’ success. Starting in fall 2015, there have been no requirements for incoming 1Ls to maintain their scholarships other than being enrolled and in good standing. In prior years, students whose awards were reduced were given opportunities to have the awards reinstated. 


Number of students receiving conditional scholarships    

Number of students whose scholarships were reduced or eliminated

Fall 2019 entering class



Fall 2018 entering class



Fall 2017 entering class



Fall 2016 entering class



Fall 2015 entering class



Fall 2014 entering class



Fall 2013 entering class



Fall 2012 entering class




*Though no incoming 1L students were offered conditional scholarship in fall 2017, two transfer students beginning in fall 2017 were offered scholarships with continuation contingent on earning a 2.5 GPA or higher in their first semester at Lewis & Clark.