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Lewis & Clark Law School Recent Graduate Council

The Recent Graduate Council  is comprised of alumni who graduated from the law school within the last six (6 ) years.  The Council works with the Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Board of Directors to engage and recognize recent graduates as a vital and integral part of the institution’s community.

Recent Graduate Council’s Mission

The Recent Alumni Council’s mission is to foster strong, lasting relationships between the Law School and Law School Alumni who have graduated within the last six (6) years.  The Council will assist with career development, provide opportunities for effective networking through social events, and open lines of communication with recent Law School graduates to facilitate donor and sponsorship opportunities.

Qualities considered important for effective Recent Alumni Council members include:

* Strong proven leadership to both Lewis & Clark Law School and the broader community.

 * Commitment to actively participate in events sponsored by the Law School..

 * Commitment to attend all council meetings and effectively participate in committee work.

 * Commitment to serve as a conduit to all alumni, students, faculty, and the community.  Council Members should set positive examples for fellow alumni.

 *  Excellent communication skills.

 *  Add to the diversity of the council in the following areas:  personal and professional experience, race, gender and geographic location.

 * Commitment to strengthen the Law School’s overall position by prioritizing a contribution to the extent possible based on personal circumstances. 

Interested in being a member of the Recent Alumni Council or know a fellow graduate that would be a good member of the Recent Alumni Council?  Please fill out the application/nomination form by Friday, June 16, 2017.

Please indicate whether you are applying for the Alumni Board of Directors or the Recent Graduate Council. 

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