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Rising Star Award & Community Spirit Award

The Rising Star Award and the Community Spirit Award are honors that recognize the early personal and professional accomplishments and contributions of law school graduates. Nominations are sought annually for Lewis & Clark Law School graduates who have made a difference in their community, their profession, or the lives of others, through ambitious efforts that reflect the scholarly, entrepreneurial, and service-oriented spirit of the law school.  

Dean Jennifer Johnson and 2016 Rising Star recipient Harry Wilson ’07


Rising Star Award

Presented to an individual who has excelled professionally, exhibiting outstanding achievement, entrepreneurship or leadership within a chosen field. Preference will be given to graduates from the last 10 years. 

Rising Star Nomination Form


Community Spirit Award

Presented to an individual who has demonstrated notable community, public, or humanitarian service outside of his or her profession. Preference will be given to graduates from the last 10 years.

Dean Jennifer Johnson, 2016 Community Spirit winner Ron K. Cheng ’14, Recent Graduate Council President David Boyer ’12 and Ashley McDonald ’15 

Community Spirit Nomination Form
Examples may include:
  •  Scholastic Accomplishment

Research grants/findings/projects, publications

  • Career Achievement

Business success, professional recognition, attainment of professional designations

  •  Entrepreneurial Spirit

Start-up business, innovative ideas, ingenuity, ambition

  • Service

Volunteerism, philanthropy, service to those less fortunate, national and international service


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