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We offer two mentor programs — one designed for first-year students and one for upper division students.

Please note that for both programs, matching is done once a year, in late August.

First Year Student Mentorship Program:

Every first year student is eligible to participate in the First Year Mentor Program, through which students are paired with attorneys practicing in the local area. The purpose of this program is to offer first year law students advice and counsel on law school “survival:”

  • how to manage competing time commitments,
  • how to begin making meaningful career decisions early in their careers, and
  • how to develop into responsible, ethical attorneys. 

Participating students will have a contact in the legal community, almost from the beginning of their law school experience.

Upper Division Student Mentorship Program:

Second, third and fourth year students are matched with attorneys based, primarily, on areas of legal interest and/or geographic location. Matching is done each fall and participation is voluntary. This program is designed to:

  • meet the challenge of bridging the gap between law school and a professional career,
  • provide students with a unique opportunity to meet and observe practicing lawyers, and
  • give students consultation with regarding the legal profession, career options and life as a lawyer. 

For more information, please contact Sarah Petersen, Assistant Dean for Career & Professional Development, 503.768.6607, or

2016-17 Mentor Programs FALL Calendar:

Our Mentor Programs calendar is currently being set for the 2015-16 academic year. Please check back for additional event details.

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