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Law Computing Services

Technology at the Law School

The Law School offers wireless Internet access to all areas of the Law School. These include:

  • Classrooms
  • Law review offices
  • Library
  • Study areas
  • Student lounge
  • Outside in the amphitheater
  • Faculty offices

There’s universal access to the wireless network, so students can use the computer and operating systems of their choice.



Computer Labs

On the middle floor of  Wood Hall, located inside of the Student Computer Lab is the Help Desk staffed with several lab assistants.  Along with helping students with using the lab computers, the Help Desk assists students with configuring their personal laptop computers to work on the college network.

The Student Computer Lab has top-of-the-line Dell Desktop PC’s with Dual Core processors, 4 Gigs of RAM, DVD burners & 24” Flat Screens. The Computer Lab also has several Apple iMac’s. The Computer Lab is handicap accessible. 

The Student Computer Lab has 15 computers including one computer with a scanner and imaging software.  There is also a projector for class use.  All of the lab computers have the latest version of Microsoft Office, Internet browsers and other popular software. 

The Technical Details

The Law School campus has a fiber Internet connection to the undergraduate college and over 30 megs of shared bandwidth going out to our Internet Service Provider. Westlaw and LexisNexis each have a dedicated T1 line.

For printing, there are three Hewlett Packard high-speed, large-capacity printers for students to use.  Each student is given a limited number of free printing sheets per year.

Law Computing Services

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