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General Instructions for Paperless Exams

As of December 5, 2013

Exams are held for two weeks at the end of Fall semester. The Fall exam period begins Monday, December 9 and ends Friday, December 20. The reading period is Thursday, December 5 and Friday, December 6.

Scheduled exams are given at specifically assigned times, usually only once during the exam period. Students must take scheduled exams at the scheduled time and day. You cannot choose to unschedule a scheduled exam.

Unscheduled exams are given on weekdays throughout the Fall exam period at specified time periods. These exams are available from the Registrar’s office only between 8:30-9:00 am; 1:00-1:30 pm; 6:00 - 6:30 pm on exam days.

Special Note for unscheduled exams: There is one Saturday pick up time this Fall exam period. On Saturday, Dec. 14, students may pick up an unscheduled exam from 1:00-1:30 pm only.

Students may decide when to take an unscheduled exam, but be sure to review the exam information submitted by the faculty to determine if there is a deadline prior to the last day of exams for any of your unscheduled exams.

Authorized exam material, specific information regarding the materials to use and the computer policies allowed by the professor for the examinations, are found by clicking on the class titles on the exam grid below. The same information is posted at the Registrar’s office. This information is updated as received.

The following Fall classes will have either unscheduled exams, papers or some other method of evaluation, or scheduled exams (schedule info included here).

Note: These are subject to change. CHANGES ARE IN BOLD PRINT

Note: * next to class title indicates the unscheduled exam will be available during reading period.



Course Title Course Number Exam Details Course Professor(s)
Legal Elements 050-R Fri. 8/30, 9:00am, room 1 Steverson
Legal Elements 050-B Fri. 8/30, 9:00pm, room 4 Funk
Legal Elements 050-O Fri. 8/30, 9:00am, room  3 Parry
Legal Elements 050-G Fri. 8/30, 9:00am, 1:00pm, 5:00pm, room 6 Johnson
Legal Elements 050-P Fri. 8/30, 9:00am, room 2 Johansen
Administrative Law 100-A scheduled, Monday Dec.9, 5:00pm, room 2 Funk
Admiralty 304-E unscheduled Neil
Adv. Contracts: Commercial Trans 109-E unscheduled Bushaw
Adv. Contracts: Sales & Leases 106-A scheduled, Wednesday Dec. 11, 1:15pm, room 2 Steverson
Adv. Trademark Practice & Strategy 522-E unscheduled Heilbronner
Alternate Dispute Resolutions 450-A unscheduled Brunet
Banking Law 527-E unscheduled Parikh
Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor 116-A unscheduled Parikh
Business Associations I 113-A scheduled Friday Dec 13, 1:15pm, room 2 Johnson
Business Associations I 113-E scheduled Friday Dec 13, 6:00pm, room 3 Johnson
Civil Procedure I 002-O scheduled Monday Dec 9, 8:30am, room 2 Stumpf
Civil Procedure I 002-P scheduled Monday Dec 9, 8:30am, room 3 Parry
Civil Procedure I 002-RB scheduled Monday Dec 9, 1:15pm, room 3 Loren
Civil Procedure I 002-G scheduled Monday Dec 9, 6:00pm, room 7 Mapes
Comparative Constitutional Law: Structure/Trans 314-E unscheduled Varol
Constitutional Law I 007-BP scheduled Thursday Dec 12, 8:30am, room 2 Varol
Constitutional Law I 007-RO scheduled Thursday Dec 12, 1:15pm, room 2 Funk
Constitutional Law II 207-A unscheduled Abrams
Contracts I 008-BO scheduled Thursday Dec 19, 8:30am, room 2 Bushaw
Contracts I 008-G scheduled Thursday Dec 19, 6:00pm, room 3 Steverson
Contracts I 008-RP unscheduled Newell
Criminal Justice: Adv Topics: Sentencing* 513-SM unscheduled Yin
Criminal Justice: Capital Punishment Sem 411-SM unscheduled Ellis
Criminal Justice: Criminal Law I 148-E unscheduled Mandiberg
Criminal Justice: Criminal Procedure II* 115-A unscheduled Yin
Cyber Crime Sem* 487-SM unscheduled Hoar
Earthrise Ethics I 150-A unscheduled Baldwin
Employment Discrimination 338-A

unscheduled,   Available Monday Dec 9 beginning at 8:30am - Thursday Dec 12, 1:30

Employment Law I 131-A unscheduled Drummonds
Entertainment Law 345-A unscheduled Newell
Environmental Justice 342-E unscheduled Ostar
Environmental Law 118-A scheduled Monday Dec 16, 1:15pm, room 2 Johnston
Estate & Gift Tax 346-E unscheduled Blaine
Evidence 122-A scheduled Tuesday Dec 17, 1:15pm, room 2 Mapes
Evidence I* 122-EY unscheduled Judge Jones
Family Law* 124-A unscheduled Sutherland
Federal Courts 356-A unscheduled Parry
Federal Indian Law 354-E unscheduled Williams
History of Common Law* 330-E unscheduled Gomez-Arostegui
Immigration Law 364-E unscheduled Manning/Rotman
Income Tax 126-A scheduled Wednesday Dec 11, 8:30am, room 2 Brown
Income Tax 126-E scheduled Wednesday Dec 11, 6:00pm, room 3 Brown
Intellectual Property Survey 368-A scheduled Tuesday Dec 17, 8:30am, room 2 Loren
Intellectual Property Survey 368-E unscheduled Available Dec 9-19 ONLY Laakmann
International Business Trans 370-A unscheduled Available Dec 9-13 ONLY) Foster
International Enviromental Law 534-A scheduled Thursday Dec 12, 8:30am, room 3 Fromherz
Land Use Planning 380-E unscheduled Sullivan
Medical Malpractice 520-SM unscheduled Wobbrock
Patent Litigation* 419-E unscheduled Mansfield/Lewis
Public International Law* 138-E unscheduled Grant
Public Lands & Resources Law* 138-E unscheduled Blumm
Renewable Energy 519-SM unscheduled Norling
Sexual Assault Sem 361-SM unscheduled Mindlin
Torts I 016-B scheduled Monday Dec 16, 8:30am, room 2 Oleske
Torts I 016-GP scheduled Monday Dec 16, 6:00pm, room 2 Drummonds
Torts I 016-O scheduled Monday Dec 16, 1:15pm, room 3 Powers
Torts I 016-R scheduled Monday Dec 16, 8:30am, room 3 Gomez-Arostegui
Wildlife Law 436-E unscheduled Available Dec 9-14 ONLY Rohlf
Wills & Trusts 146-A unscheduled Vail
Wills & Trusts 146-E unscheduled Vail