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Law School Registrar

General Instructions for Paperless Exams

As of February 26, 2015

Exams are held for two weeks at the end of spring semester. The spring exam period begins Monday, April 27 and ends Friday, May 8. The reading period is Tuesday, April 21 through Friday, April 24.

Scheduled exams are given at specifically assigned times, usually only once during the exam period. Unscheduled exams are given weekdays throughout the fall exam period at specified time periods. These exams are available from the Registrar’s office between 8:30-9:00 am; 1:00-1:30 pm; 6:00 - 6:30 pm on exam days. Students may decide when to take an unscheduled exam, but be sure to review the exam information submitted by the faculty to determine if there is a deadline prior to the last day of exams for any of your unscheduled exams.

Authorized exam material, specific information regarding the materials to use and the computer policies allowed by the professor for the examinations, are found by clicking on the underscored and highlighted class titles on the exam grid below. The same information is posted at the Registrar’s office. This information is updated as received 

The following spring classes will have either unscheduled exams, papers or some other method of evaluation, or scheduled exams (schedule info included here).

Note: These are subject to change. CHANGES ARE IN BOLD PRINT

Note: * next to class title indicates the unscheduled exam will be available during reading period.



Course Title
Course Number
Mid-Term Exam Details
Course Professors
Remedies  120-E Scheduled Tuesday Feb 24, 7:05pm, room 6   Mid-Term Tracey
Course Title
Course Number
Final Exam Details
Course Professors
Administrative Law 100-E Scheduled Monday April 27, 6:00pm, room 2 Oleske
American Legal History 586-E Unscheduled, Take Home Exam Blumm
Antitrust Law 104-E Unscheduled Hines
Business Associations I 113-E Unscheduled Parikh
Business Associations II 213-E Unscheduled, Available May 4 - May 8 ONLY Foster
Civil Pro II 003-BO Scheduled Tuesday April 28, 8:30am, Room 2 Brunet
Civil Pro II 003-G Scheduled Tuesday April 28, 6:00pm, Room 7 Loren
Civil Pro II 003-PR Scheduled Tuesday April 28, 8:30am, Room 3 Stumpf
Climate Change 490-E Unscheduled Fromherz
Comparative Con Law: Structure/Trans* 314-A Unscheduled, Available April 21 - April 30 ONLY Varol
Constitutional Law I 007-G Scheduled Tuesday May 5, 6:00pm, Room 3 Brunet
Constitutional Law II 207-E Scheduled Friday May 1, 6:00pm, Room 2 Abrams
Consumer Law 326-E Unscheduled Slottee
Contracts II 009-G Scheduled Friday May 8, 6:00pm, Room 3 Blum
Contracts II 009-BO Scheduled Friday May 8, 8:30am, Room 2 Bushaw
Contracts II 009-RO Unscheduled Newell
Contracts II 009-PO Scheduled Friday May 8, 8:30am, Room 3 Steverson
Copyright 331-A Scheduled Thursday May 7, 1:15pm, Room 3 Loren
Corporate Tax 128-E Scheduled Wednesday April 29, 6:00pm, Room 3 Bogdanski
CJ: Adv Topics: Terrorism 515-B Unscheduled Yin
CJ: Criminal Law I* 148-E Unscheduled, Available April 21 - April 30 ONLY Varol
CJ: Victims in Criminal Procedure 590-E Unscheduled Beloof
Criminal Procedure I 017-PR Scheduled Friday May 1, 1:15pm, Room 7 Beloof
Criminal Procedure I 017-B Scheduled Friday May 1, 1:15pm, Room 2 Kanter
Criminal Procedure I 017-O Scheduled Friday May 1, 1:15pm, Room 3 Yin
Earthrise Ethics II 151-A Unscheduled Buchele
Elder Law 335-E Scheduled Wednesday April 29, 6:00pm, Room 2 Bernhardt
Environmental Enforcement 481-A Unscheduled Mandiberg/Johnston
Environmental Law 118-E Unscheduled Fromherz
Evidence II* 123-EZ Unscheduled Judge Jones
Family Law 124-A Scheduled Monday April 27, 1:15pm, Room 2 Steverson
Family Mediation Seminar 506-SM Unscheduled Kadish/MacNeill
Hazardous Waste 524-E Scheduled Wednesday May 6, 6:00pm, Room 3 Johnston
Health Care Law 512-A Unscheduled, Available April 27 - May 2 ONLY Safriet
Int’l Disputes Resolution 543-A Unscheduled, Available May 4 - May 8 ONLY Foster
Int’l Environmental Law 534-E Unscheduled Wold
Int’l Intellectual Property 369-E Scheduled Monday April 27, 6:00pm, Room 3 Gomez-Arostegui
Labor Law 377-A Unscheduled Drummonds
Law of Global Labor Markets 572-E Unscheduled Drummonds
Legal Regulations/Political Process 478-A Unscheduled Lochner
Oregon Local Government Law 402-E Unscheduled Crean/Jacobs
Nonprofit Animal Law 442-SM Unscheduled Mead
Partnership Tax 306-A Scheduled Tuesday May 5, 1:15pm, Room 3 Bogdanski
Patent Law & Policy 416-A Unscheduled, Available April 27 - April 30 ONLY Laakmann
Property 014-R Scheduled Monday May 4, 1:15pm, Room 3 Blumm
Property 014-B Scheduled Monday May 4, 1:15pm, Room 7 J. Jones
Property (UD) 014-E Scheduled Monday May 4, 6:00pm, Room 3 J. Jones
Property 014-OP Scheduled Monday May 4, 8:30am, Room 2 (8 Hour) Ryan
Protection of Native American & Indigenous Rights 581-A Scheduled Wednesday May 6, 8:30am, Room 2 Echo-Hawk
Regulation & Ethics 132-B Unscheduled Blum
Regulation & Ethics 132-E Unscheduled Elkanich/Rhodes
Secured Transactions 108-A Unscheduled Newell
Secured Transactions 108-E Unscheduled Bushaw
Toxic Torts II 140-E Unscheduled Drummonds
Trademark 432-A Scheduled Thursday April 30, 8:30am, Room 3 Gomez-Arostegui
Wildlife Law 436-A Unscheduled Rohlf