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Law School Registrar

General Instructions for Paperless Exams

As of April 16, 2012

Exams are held for two weeks at the end of spring semester. The spring exam period begins Monday, April 23 and ends Friday, May 4. The reading period is Tuesday, April 17 through Friday, April 20.

Scheduled exams are given at specifically assigned times, usually only once during the exam period. Unscheduled exams are given weekdays throughout the fall exam period at specified time periods. These exams are available from the Registrar’s office between 8:30-9:00 am; 1:00-1:30 pm; 6:00 - 6:30 pm on exam days. Students may decide when to take an unscheduled exam, but be sure to review the exam information submitted by the faculty to determine if there is a deadline prior to the last day of exams for any of your unscheduled exams.

Authorized exam material, specific information regarding the materials to use and the computer policies allowed by the professor for the examinations, are found by clicking on the underscored and highlighted class titles on the exam grid below. The same information is posted at the Registrar’s office. This information is updated as received 

The following spring classes will have either unscheduled exams, papers or some other method of evaluation, or scheduled exams (schedule info included here).

Note: These are subject to change. CHANGES ARE IN BOLD PRINT

Note: * next to class title indicates the unscheduled exam will be available during reading period.


Course Title
Course Number
Exam Details
Course Professors
Administrative Law 100E scheduled, Thursday May 3, 6:00pm, room 2 Oleske
Advanced Business Seminar 313SM paper or project Johnson
Advanced Contracts: Comm Transactions 109A unscheduled Bushaw
Advanced Legal Writing Seminar 212SM paper or project Berres-Paul
Advanced Trial Lawyers Seminar 484SM paper or project Paulson/Coletti
Advanced Write Seminar: Interp App 398SM paper or project Villella
American Legal History* 586E unscheduled Blumm
Animal Law: Clinic II 789AZ paper or project Hessler
Animal Law Seminar 549SM paper or project Frasch
Antitrust 104E unscheduled Brunet
Appellate Advocacy 517E paper or project Zusman
Aviation Law 441E paper or project Smith S.
Banking Law 527A unscheduled, beginning on Tuesday April 24 Parikh
Business Assoc. II 213E unscheduled, Available
April 23 - April 27 ONLY
CIS: Animal Law Legislation 785SM paper or project Otto
CIS: Corporate Counsel/IP Seminar 741SM paper or project Wang
CIS: Entrepreneurship 752SM paper or project Smith, J./Summers
CIS: Environmental Prosecution II 753SM paper or project Evans/Beckerman
CIS: Environmental Law 742SM paper or project Grenham
CIS: Western Resources Legal Center 786SM paper or project Lobdell
Civil Procedure II 003R scheduled, Monday April 30, 8:30am, room 2 Brunet
Civil Procedure II 003BO scheduled, Monday April 30, 8:30am, room 3 R. Miller
Civil Procedure II 003PY scheduled, Monday April 30, 1:15pm, room 2 Parry
Civil Procedure II 003G scheduled, Monday April 30, 6:00pm, room 2 Mapes
CJ: Crime Victims Litigation Clinic 756B paper or project Garvin
CJ: Criminal Law I 148A unscheduled Parry
CJ: Criminal Procedure I (UD)* 017E unscheduled Beloof
CJ: Federal white Collar Crm Seminar 464SM unscheduled Angeli/Kerin
CJ: National Security Law 405E unscheduled Yin
CJ: Victims in Crim Pro* 590A unscheduled Beloof
CJ: Federal Habeas Corp Cases Seminar 489SM paper or project Kamins/Hellman
Clean Air Act* 463A unscheduled, available April 17 - 28 ONLY Powers
Climate Change* 490E unscheduled, available April 17 - May 1 ONLY Powers
Clinic 700 paper or project Clinic Faculty
Community Development & Nonprofit Law 762B paper or project Taylor/Everhart
Complex Litigation Seminar 500SM paper or project Klonoff
Constitutional Law I 007G unscheduled Kanter
Constitutional Law II 207B unscheduled Available April 18 thru April 28 ONLY Safriet
Constitutional Law II 207C scheduled Wednesday April 25, 1:15pm, room 2 Oleske
Consumer Law* 326A unscheduled Slottee
Contract Drafting Seminar 321SM paper or project Levinson
Contract Drafting Seminar 321SZ paper or project Johansen
Contracts II 009BYO scheduled Thursday April 26, 1:15pm, room 3 Blum
Contracts II 009G unscheduled Newell
Contracts II 009RP scheduled Thursday April 26, 1:15pm, room 2 Bushaw
Copyright Law 331A unscheduled available April 23 - May 1  ONLY Loren
Corp/Partner/Tax: Short 226A scheduled, Monday April 30, 1:15pm, Room 3 Bogdanski
Corporate Tax 128E scheduled, Monday April 23, 6:00pm, room 3 Bogdanski
Corporate Reorganization Seminar 508SM paper or project Parikh
Crimes Against Animals Seminar 459SM paper or project Heiser
Criminal Procedure I 017BP scheduled, Monday April 23, 8:30am, room 2 Mandiberg
Criminal Procedure I 017O scheduled, Monday April 23, 1:15pm, room 3 Yin
Criminal Procedure I 017RY scheduled, Monday April 23, 1:15pm, room 2 Kanter
Cultural Resources Protection Seminar 460SM paper or project Richman
Employment Law II 375E unscheduled Drummonds
Environmental Clinic II: PEAC 751AZ paper or project PEAC Staff
Environmental Disputes Resolution Seminar 352SM paper or project Imperati
Environmental Liability Ins Seminar 367SM paper or project Mlodinoff/Feldman
Environmental Prac Seminar: Business Transactions* 351SM unscheduled Halsey/Courtney
Environmental Enforcement 481E unscheduled Johnston/Mandiberg
Environmental Justice Seminar 343SM paper or project Ostar
Evidence 122B scheduled Wednesday May 2, 8:30am, room 2 Van Meter
Evidence II* 123EZ unscheduled Judge Jones
Family Business Law Seminar 350SM paper or project Jensen
Federal Tax Proc 358E scheduled, Tuesday May 1, 6:00pm, room 3 P. Jones
Forest Law & Policy 360E paper or project SJ. Brown
Graduate Environmental Seminar II 601AZ paper or project Rohlf
Hazardous Waste Law 542A scheduled Friday April 27, 8:30am, room 2 Johnston
Health Care Law 512A unscheduled Available April 18 thru April 28 ONLY Safriet
Int’l Tax 576A paper or project L. Brown
Int’l Criminal Law Seminar 461SM paper or project Maloney-Dunn
Int’l Dispute Resolution 543E unscheduled, Available
April 23 - April 27 ONLY
Int’l Environmental Project II 755AZ paper or project Wold/Lyman
Int’l Hum Law: War on Terrorism 579E unscheduled Hall
Int’l Intellectual Property 369E paper or project Yruegas
Intellectual Property Theory Seminar 433SM paper or project Loren
Jurisprudence Seminar: Topics* 372SM unscheduled, Available Tuesday April 17 - Friday April 20 ONLY J. Jones
Law Practice Management 497E paper or project Lombard
Legal Analysis and Writing II 013 — all sections paper or project Legal Writing Faculty
Land Use Seminar 382SM paper or project Litwak
Legal Reseach 018 — all sections paper or project Faculty
Mediation Negotiation Skills Seminar* 514SM unscheduled Kadish
Moot Court: Board II 723AZ paper or project Spence
Native American Nat’l Resources 518A Unscheduled R. Miller
Northwestern Energy Law 406E unscheduled Eisdorfer/Scott
Ocean & Coastal Law 408E unscheduled Sterne/Jones, Janis
Partnership Tax 306A scheduled Monday April 30, 1:15pm, room 7 L. Brown
Patent Law Policy 416E unscheduled Stolowitz
Patent Prosecution 455A paper or project Phillips/Woller
Property 014PO scheduled, Thursday May 3,
8:30am, room 3
Property 014RB scheduled, Thursday May 3,
1:15pm, room 2
J. Jones
Property 014Y scheduled, Thursday May 3,
8:30am, room 2
J. Jones
Property Transactions 136E scheduled, Monday April 23, 6:00pm, room 2 Vail
Public Interest Lawyering Seminar 455A paper or project Kaplan
Race & the Law Seminar 558SM paper or project Chin
Regulation and Ethics of Law 132C paper or project Johansen
Regulation and Ethics of Law 132E scheduled Friday April 27, 6:00pm, room 2 Tu/Baldwin
Secured Transactions 108A unscheduled Newell
Securities Regulations 422A unscheduled J. Johnson
Small Business Legal Clinic 792B paper or project Stevenson
Sports Law Seminar 426SM paper or project Ehrlich/Levin
Street Law Seminar 709SM paper or project Cover
Supreme Court Seminar 554SM paper or project O’Scannlain
Technology Transfer and Licensing 397E paper or project Curci
Torts II: Toxic 140E unscheduled Drummonds
Trademark Law* 432A unscheduled Heilbronner
Trial Advocacy 430E paper or project Richter/McShane
Water Law 434A unscheduled Moulun
Wildlife Law 436E unscheduled Rohlf
Wills & Trusts* 146B unscheduled, Available April 17
-  May 1 ONLY
Workers’ Compensation 440A unscheduled Weddell