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WebAdvisor Screencasts

Registering for Sections- The Basics

These video screencasts are designed to help you use our online registration system, WebAdvisor. In addition to these videos there is also a PDF you can download and if you have any questions, please use the Advising Blog to get in touch with our advisors (as explained in the first screencast below).

Part 1: Before logging in

View Video (3 minutes)

Registration Guidelines
Current Course Schedule Information

Part 2: Logging in

View Video (1m40s)
NB: In the video I mention that it takes 24 hours to reset your password for WebAdvisor. It is actually instantaneous.

Reset Password (select reset password)

Part 3: Finding your sections and adding them to your preferred list

View Video (10mins)


It’s time- Registering for your preferred sections list

No screencast- please see Part 3 on managing your ‘Preferred Sections’ list.