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Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law - Law School - Lewis & Clark

Kathleen Trever Upon graduation in 1993, Kathleen Trever went to work as a Deputy Attorney General representing the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.  Before long she found herself in the position of director of oversight for the Idaho National Laboratory nuclear waste cleanup process, a highly-contentious, politically-charged dispute over how much waste the Department of Energy was required to remove from the Idaho National Laboratory, an 890-square-mile federal nuclear research facility.  For 14 years, Trever worked patiently to break a deadlock between the federal Department of Energy and the Idaho state government regarding responsibility for the nuclear waste which was buried above the Snake River Plain Aquifer, a drinking water source for much of southern Idaho.  She gave testimony before Congress several times on Idaho's behalf and worked closely with a large number of partners  over many years until the issue was resolved by agreement in 2008. 

An avid birder, Trever currently serves as Deputy Attorney General representing the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.