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Become a leader in environmental policy!

The online Master of Studies (MSL) in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law program is designed for professionals who seek a better understanding of environmental regulations — but do not wish to become lawyers.

MSL students receive unique preparation for advocating, teaching, or policy-making in the environmental, natural resources, and energy law field. Alums have applied this in-demand knowledge to enhance their job, focus their professional skill set in environmental expertise, or pivot their careers into the environmental industry around the country and world.

*If you have a JD, we also offer the online Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law program as an LLM. Learn more here.

Why our MSL in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law at Lewis & Clark Law School?

  • Adaptable to fit your schedule: The online MSL program is completed 100% online. Coursework is completed at your convenience, and you decide the number of courses you take each term.
  • Nationally recognized: Lewis and Clark’s Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law program is highly ranked. Recently, U.S. News ranked our environmental law program number one in the nation for 2022 – for the third year in a row. 
  • Expert faculty: Our faculty are at the forefront of environmental and natural resources issues, have significant practical experience, and are respected for the subject matter they teach. Distance learning students get to benefit from our amazing faculty as if they were here in person.
  • Career advancement: MSL graduates earn excellent training for advocating, teaching, or policy-making in the environmental, natural resources, and energy law fields and gain access to our amazing career services office as a student and alumnus throughout their career.
  • Affordable, pay-as-you-go flexibility: We offer tuition awards based on merit and need which reduces tuition per credit and Federal financial aid is available (minimum of 3 credits per semester for part-time and minimum of 5 credits per semester for full-time).