Curriculum & Certificate

Federal Tax Law Certificate

Lewis & Clark Law School awards a Federal Tax Law Certificate at graduation to students who have completed a prescribed course of study relating to the federal tax laws. To qualify for the certificate, students must successfully complete three core courses—Income Taxation I, Estate and Gift Taxation, and Corporate Taxation—along with six other credit hours in federal taxation. Each certificate candidate must also complete a substantial research paper on a federal tax topic and maintain a minimum grade point average in tax courses. Both day and evening students are eligible to earn the certificate.

Holders of our Federal Tax Law Certificate have extra flexibility in deciding whether to pursue specialized post-JD training such as an LLM in taxation. The certificate program offers a base of knowledge on which to build advanced coursework, as many of our graduates have done. Those who enter business and tax practice immediately after finishing law school have gained a wealth of skills and understanding of concepts that are crucial to a successful practice.

Please visit the registrar for detailed information about the program and its required coursework.