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Tax Law

Tax Law in Portland, Oregon

Lewis & Clark Law School combines a unique history with a youthful spirit of growth. Founded in the 19th century, the school (then called Northwestern School of Law) merged with Lewis & Clark College in 1965. By the end of the 1970s, it had emerged as a well-recognized institution of legal education. In the 1980s it was recognized as the best law school in the nation for environmental and natural resources law, and while most other schools have subsequently jumped on this bandwagon, the law school’s excellent reputation in the environmental field continues unabated.

A relatively unheralded strength of Lewis & Clark Law School, however, has always been its business and tax courses, which have grown and evolved substantially in recent years. The law school faculty is dedicated to curricular innovation and to an energetic, practical approach to the teaching of business law. A cherished tradition from the earliest days of the law school is its commitment to holding numerous key classes in the evening. All of the school’s full-time faculty regularly teach evening courses. Thus, full-time students can pursue hands-on learning in downtown Portland during the day with no sacrifice in course quality, and students with career and family commitments can earn their law degrees over four years at night. At our law school, excellent teaching — as well as the opportunity to earn the Federal Tax Law Certificate — does not stop at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Tax Law in Portland, Oregon

Lewis & Clark Law School is in Portland—the largest city in Oregon, the state’s economic hub, and one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States. The Portland region has a population of 2 million and thousands of businesses, large and small. The area is home to such major enterprises as Nike, Columbia Sportswear, the Nautilus Group, Tektronix, the U.S. home of Adidas, Intel Corporation’s largest and most complex site in the world, and the spawning ground for an extraordinarily broad array of small- and medium-sized enterprises. Consequently, tax and business law practice in the Portland area provides a rich assortment of career opportunities. Portland is the base for several large law firms with offices around the country and the world. The city also has branch offices of many global and regional law and accounting firms. Competing with the larger firms for the legal business of small- and medium-sized clients are several excellent smaller firms that cater to the needs of emerging businesses. The IRS also maintains a staff of attorneys in its Portland offices. The U.S. Tax Court hears its Oregon cases at federal facilities in downtown Portland, where graduates of the law school and students in Lewis & Clark’s Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic frequently appear on behalf of their clients.

Portland is situated on the northern edge of Oregon, with the state of Washington just across the Columbia River to the north. The tax systems of Oregon and Washington are very different—a situation that leads to countless tax pitfalls and planning opportunities. In addition to handling federal and international tax questions of every size and level of complexity, Portland tax practitioners are often called upon to assist clients in minimizing state and local taxes on both sides of the river.