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Tax Law

Studying Tax Law

Only a few students come to law school with a burning desire to learn about taxes. But law students soon discover that the tax laws have a profound influence on commerce, and even on personal matters, throughout the developed world. Virtually every lawyer needs to be conversant in the law of taxation, as businesses and individuals routinely seek advice from their attorneys on tax matters. Just as most citizens view taxes as a necessary evil, the legal community views knowledge of the tax laws as a basic component of a successful career.

One surprise about the study of tax law is that it is not as dry or difficult as one might expect. For many students, the tax course turns out to be one of the best in their law school curriculum—so much so that some decide, midway through law school, to pursue a specialty in tax matters. Even those whose central focus is on other areas of law often take an additional class or two to build a better understanding of the tax system.

Lewis & Clark Law School offers a unique program that provides training of the highest quality at all levels of tax scholarship. From the aspiring tax lawyer, who must master many of the intricacies of the tax system, to the future general litigator, who needs a basic framework within which to view that system, students at Lewis & Clark enjoy educational opportunities that few if any J.D. programs around the country can match.


Marvin Chirelstein’s classic book Federal Income Taxation has helped law students demystify the tax law for more than a generation — including thousands of students at Lewis & Clark.