Bike SW




This area is not home to a whole lot of bikers.   Fine: its Portland, so “not a whole lot of bikers” is relative.  But, really, there aren’t that many.  There is lots of room to roam, though, including access to some great hill rides and big open roads away from the denser downtown areas.  Local bike shops are few and far between.  Aside from Southwest Bicycle, the other shops are down the hill, close to downtown.  The roads are pretty well kept up and the cars like to drive fast.  But, because you’re closer to school, a ride from SW can minimize your commute time significantly.  Just don’t anticipate that commute being on a beach cruiser and don’t expect too much of a cohesive bike culture.



The SW is generally a hilly area with roads ranging from wide multi-lane roads with well-marked bike lanes to narrow windy roads with little to no shoulder.

Hillsdale:  The main arteries will be Vermont St., Bertha Blvd., and Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.  All have large well marked bike lanes, though the roads are all larger and have fast traffic.  From there, follow the Multnomah Village routes.  (Rolling hills)

Multnomah Village:  Take Multnomah Blvd. east either under the freeway bridge over to Terwilliger via the freeway onramp/offramp or turn left at Barbur before reaching the freeway.  Either way, you will be turning right onto Terwilliger which takes you directly to the Law School.  Again, the roads are fast, with frequent rush hour traffic, but bike lanes are well marked (rolling hills).

Lake Oswego/Tualatin/Lake Grove:  This will be a hefty climb.  If coming from southwest of Tryon Creek State Park, Boones Ferry Road is the main route up to the school.  However, aside from being quite a climb, the road has an undeveloped shoulder and bikes must share the road with fast moving traffic.  Alternatively, you can go around to the southeast tip of Tryon and take the multi-use path, Tryon Creek Park Pathway, along the edge of the park.  Still a lot of climbing, but no fast cars.



  • Veloshop 211 SW 9th Ave 503-335-8356
  • Waterfront Bicycles   10 SW Ash Street, #100  503-227-1719
  • West End Bikes  1111 SW Stark Street  503-208-2933
  • Bike Central  220 SW 1st Ave  503-227-4439
  • The Bike Gallery Downtown 1001 SW Salmon 503-222-3821
  • Bumblebee Bicycle  2331 SW 6th Ave  360-936-1738    
  • En Selle Road Bike Shop  6200 SW Virginia  503-244-6754
  • Performance Bicycle Downtown   1736 SW Alder  503-224-0297
  • The Recyclery   730 SW 11th  503-222-1169 
  • Southwest Bicycle  3605 SW Multnomah Blvd 503-246-0333