As the Law School continues to grow, parking has become problematic. While we encourage everyone who can bike, walk, or take public transit to do so, not everyone can do that. Carpooling is a GREAT option for getting to and from school by car without compounding the parking problem. You can look for carpool buddies in your Pod. Pre-orientation meet-ups, Orientation classes, and the first few weeks of classes are good times to scout carpool buddies.

To get matched up with people who share your schedule and live near you, visit:

Drive Less. Connect.


For more L&C Carpool match-up links, go here

See below updated information about applying for parking passes: 


Lewis & Clark Parking Services has upgraded to a new parking management system for the upcoming school year. All parking permits, daily passes, and bus passes must be purchased through the online system. Additionally, you will have the ability to review, appeal, and pay citations using the online system.

Lewis & Clark is currently accepting applications for 2014-2015 parking permits. Instructions:

1. Visit the Transportation and Parking web page and click on the link to ThePermitStore.
 2. Click the ‘apply’ button
 3. Read and agree to the disclaimer, enter your email address, and choose a password
 4. Complete the form ‘personal information’. Omit any zeros at the beginning of your ID number. You will need to do this only once.
 5. Click continue
 6. Choose which pass you would like
 7. Select payment method ‘payroll deduction’
 8. If you choose the ‘payroll deduction’ option, and have the ability to scan and save your payroll reduction form to your computer, you can upload the completed form to your personal record at this time. See File Upload box. If this is not possible, you may email the form to, mail it to MSC 109 or fax it to x 7841.
 9. Click ‘continue’ to complete your purchase.

Parking Passes will be mailed to your student mailbox.


For more info on carpooling (including Portland-based hookups, the L&C carpool matchup board, and L&C carpool rules/pricing/logistics, click here. Also check out more details about related parking permits and forms here.

If you buy a semester carpool pass and decide later you want to use some other method of transportation, your pass will be prorated and refunded. For example, if you buy a pass in September, then decide in November that you want to start biking to school, you’ll be refunded the balance of your pass cost.

There are a *few* carpool parking spots in the Law School parking lot. The rest of the spots (for carpool and individual drivers) are in the Griswold parking lot, which is by the College’s stadium. Overflow parking for carpools and individuals is located below the stadium. Your pass *must* be showing on your dashboard, otherwise you’ll probably get a ticket – they do patrol, and frequently.

Click here for a parking map!


Or bike-pool?