Public Transportation

The Law School subsidizes bus passes that you can purchase at Business Services. Check with them for pass purchase timing ”“ but check early, because they have a finite number of passes available, and only for a short period of time. Also check with them also for the current cost of a semester bus pass. They can keep you updated on prices, etc. 

Portland’s transit system is run by TriMet. They provide buses, a light rail, streetcars, and a commuter rail. The bus service will get you to the Law School on the weekdays. Bikes are allowed on TriMet buses, trains, etc.  There is room for three bikes on the front of each TriMet bus. The drivers can tell you how to put them on.  There are sufficient hanging racks on the light rail (enter front or rear door ”“ each is marked with a bike symbol ”“ of any train car.  Check here for TriMet bike info.

See TriMet’s interactive system map for route planning for the MAX, streetcar, and bus. Keep in mind that some buses only run on weekdays.


For more detailed information and other important bus routes, see L&C’s bus transit page.


The Law School is served by TriMet’s 39 bus, which provides weekday service between Lewis & Clark College, Burlingame and Hillsdale, along Palatine Hill Road, Terwilliger, Spring Garden, Barbur, Bertha and Capitol Highway. See schedule here.












The 43 (Taylor’s Ferry Road) is also a useful bus ”“ it provides weekday service between Portland City Center, Burlingame and Washington Square, along Jefferson/Columbia, 1st, Macadam, Corbett, Virginia, Taylors Ferry, Huber, 80th, Locust and Hall. Note: Some buses only travel to Corbett & Boundary. See schedule here.