What happens when you get to school?

CATS encourages everyone to make sustainable transportation choices, whenever possible. In this vein, we encourage and support L&C community members to bike commute to/from school year-round, even in the rainier winter months. We will do all we can to support you in your commute (we’ll give route advice, fix flat tires, hook you up with helpful resources, etc) and we’ll also try to keep it fun!


PARKING undefined

There is bike parking all over the place, it’s pretty obvious where the bike racks are. Click here for a parking guide.



LOCKS (very important!)

Bring your bike lock and lock it up! U-Locks and high-rated Bike Chain Locks work well (you can buy them at any bike shop). U-Locks should be mid or long length to work effectively on vertical racks at school. Cable locks are highly susceptible to theft.  Bike thefts have been a problem in the past,  mostly because students are so comfortable with the trusting environment at L&C that they stop locking their bikes.

CATS will provide emergency (oops-I-forgot-my-bike-lock-today) U-Locks for those forgetful cyclists. Just head to the Library front desk and ask about the CATS bike locks - they are complimentary (just give it back)! Email us with any questions.

See L&C’s biking page for more details.



The Law School has men’s and women’s locker rooms in Gantenbein (map coming soon). Each locker room has larger commuter lockers (useful for storing things like rain gear, bike bags, etc), showers, and a dryer for those rainy days.

CATS manages the locker system. Email us about availability and to reserve yours today!

There is a limited number of commuter lockers, and priority goes to those who need the lockers to support their commute. CATS manages the locker assignment process, and goes through the process at the beginning of every semester. If you have a commuter locker and want to keep it, you usually can! If you have a commuter locker and decide you don’t need it, please let us know! If you don’t have a commuter locker and need one for your trip to/from school, let us know that, too! It’s $20 to reserve yourself a locker for the year.

If you have a commuter locker, you can use towels from the CATS towel locker for your shower or drying off. This service is included in the $20 reservation fee. 



CATS has a well-supplied bike tool/parts locker. If you get a flat tire, need a spare part, or find yourself needing a cleaner chain, we can help! Email us for more info.



CATS sponsors many different bike-friendly events/services throughout the year. Email us for info about any of the events. We’ll be in touch with the whole community as each event rolls around.

  • Year-long commuter locker and towel service
  • Pre-Orientation How-Do-I-Get-To-School ride (check in with your Orientation Leaders for more info)
  • Orientation talk and ride (intro to bikes and bike commuting in Portland, presented annually by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance)
  • Bike Commute Challenge, September
  • Bike ride to Westwind retreat, October
  • Bike to Eugene Challenge, for the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in March (this is a 140-mile ride, includes training rides all throughout the spring semester)
  • Bike Law speakers
  • Ride + Happy Hour = great way to end a law school day

Email us to get on the listserv or find out about any of these events.