Details and schedules for the different shuttles can be found here.

PIONEER EXPRESS (downtown-L&C): The Pioneer Express is a shuttle that serves the entire school (the College, Graduate and Law Schools). It runs between L&C and downtown numerous times daily. Depending on where you live, you can bike, drive, carpool, or take public transit to the downtown shuttle stop, then take the shuttle to the Law School and back. Bikes are allowed on all L&C shuttles, but there are only 3 racks so get there early!


MIDDAY SHUTTLE (downtown-L&C): The Law School runs a M-F midday shuttle from campus to the downtown clinics during the middle of the day when the Pioneer Express isn’t running.  It leaves the law school and stops at Fourth and Oak, near the Board of Trade Building, which is the home of the L&C Legal Clinic, the Small Business Legal Clinic and the National Crime Victims Law Institute. All law students are welcome, but those headed to downtown clinics receive priority on this shuttle. The schedule is available at the front desk and here. Bikes do not fit on the midday shuttle van.


NEIGHBORHOOD SHUTTLE (SW-L&C): The shuttle operates Monday through Friday but not on weekends or holidays. The route starts at the law school, heads up Barbur to Capital Highway, through Mountain Park and then completes the loop back at the law school.

The schedule is available at the front desk and here. On days when opening the law school is delayed or canceled due to inclement weather scheduled shuttle service will be adjusted accordingly.


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