Crime Victims’ Rights Alliance (CVRA)





The Crime Victims’ Rights Alliance (CVRA) exists to raise awareness and educate future attorneys about issues relating to crime victim advocacy by exploring current dilemmas in the field, offering solutions, promoting discussion, and encouraging collaboration amongst legal groups in acknowledging and/or furthering the rights of crime victims. The group will have speakers from all areas of criminal law, as well as victims’ rights organizations, in order to advance awareness of this burgeoning field of law. The CVRA is greatly enriched by both the centrality of Lewis and Clark’s affiliate and the National Crime Victim Law Institute. If one is interested in crime victims’ rights, this is the student group to join. Central group discussion will revolve around criminal law and victims’ rights enforcement, but students interested in civil litigation of victims’ rights are encouraged to participate, as well.


President: Tanner Eggleston

Treasurer: Grace Gosz