Education Law Society

Our mission is to serve the education systems of Oregon & Southwest Washington via legal advocacy in an effort to help enhance students’ educational experiences.

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The Education Law Society is a progressive group of aspiring lawyers looking to make a substantial impact on the field of education through policy change and implementation and community engagement.
Educational institutions are microcosms of our society. As such, the field of education law encompasses a diverse range of legal disciplines, including, but not limited to: special education law, civil rights, education policy, labor law, employment law, and criminal law.
We believe that there is not a more important foundation to our society than that of education. Equitable and well-rounded educations are vital to the growth and prosperity of our society.
There are many flaws in the education system in the United States varying from the high cost of secondary education, inequitable early education, discrimination and lack of safety in schools, underpaid teachers, underfunded public institutions, and the school-to-prison pipeline.
Because education is perhaps the most important vehicle for societal improvement, it is crucial for attorneys to take an active role in the field of education law & policy.

1) Engage with local educational institutions to identify community problems that affect education and evaluate how we can help.
2) Work with progressive policy analysts and legislative officials to effect real and substantial policy change.
3) Connect with local attorneys that are practicing in the field.
4) Open up a dialogue between law students on how we can utilize our education and degrees to effect meaningful change.