Entertainment and Media Law Society

“Language can never adequately render the cosmic symbolism of music, because music stands in symbolic relation to the primordial contradiction and primordial pain in the heart of the primal unity, and therefore symbolizes a sphere which is beyond and prior to all phenomena. Rather, all phenomena, compared with it, are merely symbols: hence language, as the organ and symbol of phenomena, can never by any means disclose the innermost heart of music; language, in its attempt to imitate it, can only be in superficial contact with music; while all the eloquence of lyric poetry cannot bring the deepest significance of the latter one step nearer to us.”

Media fills the spaces in our lives that nothing else can or will. Escapism is a valuable tool that often transcends value. While we enjoy the fruits of artistic labor, legal rules clash with our primordial relation to art. As technology allows the dissemination of media across the globe, the artist seems both empowered and conquered. At the Entertainment & Media Law Society, we seek to parse these issues through discussion and debate.

The City of Portland is home to one of the most unique communities of creatives anywhere in the world. We seize the opportunity to help our city through fundraising, volunteer, and pro bono work. Placing emphasis on mediums, artists, and communities that need legal representation and are underrepresented in traditional spaces. The Entertainment & Media Law Society will center our annual goals around these engagements.

Whether you have a passion for art, music, dance, sports, stand-up comedy, Instagram influencers, or industrial design, this club wants to use our passion for change and support. By starting in a subject matter that we know and care for intimately, our work in the community can be even more powerful.

Our group is open to all, and we broadly define “Entertainment and Media” to help students engage with the topics that are important to them.