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Environmental Law Caucus

About Us

Our Mission

We don’t want environmental law students to forget why they came here. One great beauty of pursuing a career to help affect environmental change is the inherent personal connection to the work. The symbiotic relationship between us—especially as environmental law students—and our natural environmental can provide an incessant source of motivation and should not be lost. Thus, the mission of the Environmental Law Caucus is to provide a forum for law students to connect with the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and embrace environmentalism on a personal level.



Four board members, with the assistance of two 1L representatives to the student body, govern the Environmental Law Caucus. The leadership of ELC aims to embody good stewardship and an appreciation of our environment in every activity we do. Please contact us if you are interested in leadership opportunities with ELC.

ELC Board Members 2018-2019

President: Jesse Miles

Vice President: Carleigh McMahon (Fall Semester); Teresa Smith (Spring Semester)  

Community Outreach Chair: Carleigh McMahon

Treasurer: Jesse Caldwell

1L Student Representative: Katy O’Keefe

1L Student Representative: Sammi Teo 

Annual Events 
  • Swift Watch at Chapman School - September
  • Mushaboom! Mushroom Hunt Weekend in Mount Hood National Forest: October - November
  • Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at the University of Oregon: Early March
  • Hikes, adventures, volunteer projects, and good times throughout the year


Stewardship Projects

The ELC encourages getting dirty with the earthy. We promote events and ideas dedicated to shaping trajectories of social-ecological change at local-to-global scales. Projects include:

  • Ivy pulls
  • Responsible food choices
  • Tree planting
  • Edible garden/composting
  • Seed swap and planting

Please contact us with your own ideas and suggestions!


Sustainability at Lewis & Clark

Defining and achieving “sustainability” is a work in progress at Lewis & Clark. All three campuses work together to form the Sustainability Council. Members of the Lewis & Clark law school community work to ensure that we have a voice in this initiative. More information here.