Family Law Society

About Us: Family Law Society is a group of students interested in exploring, understanding and expanding the field of family law and its application in our communities. We come together to support each other in learning, and encourage each member’s integration into the family law field. Tapping into the vast network of dedicated, encouraging professionals in Portland and beyond, we volunteer for family law projects and mingle at family law functions. We are your family law resource pool here at Lewis & Clark. 

So what is family law? Including the topics of marriage, divorce, custody, adoption, juvenile rights, elder law, wills and trusts, and more. In essence, family law deals with the creation, management, and dissolution of familial relationships. Applicable skills in this field range from knowledge of parental rights to property, tax to contracts. Family law attorneys are involved in the resolution process of emotional and destabilizing events, and thus have a unique opportunity to significantly impact the most fundamental elements of an individual’s life – their relationships. 

Mission: Our mission is to raise awareness of the family law field and opportunities therein for the student body, to establish and maintain a networking relationship with practicing family law attorneys, and to enrich the role of family law practice in the community.

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