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National Security and Foreign Policy Update: A View From Inside Washington for Tuesday

 03 April 2012  Dr. James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation came to Lewis and Clark and gave a presentation on National Security with Professor Yin.  Podcast
 Right to Work Debate  20 March 2012 The Federalist Society welcomed Ray LaJeunesse of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation for a debate with professor Drummonds about Right to Work Laws and national policy. Mr. LaJeunesse has a long history of helping workers against Federal Agencies as they fight against the unjust system of compulsory Unionization and has argued four cases before the United States Supreme Court. Podcast
Dean Tacha on First Principles 12 March 2012 The Federalist Society welcomed Dean Deanell Tacha of Pepperdine University to discuss First Principles with Professor Tung Yin. Prior to joining Pepperdine Dean Tacha was the director of the Douglas County Legal Aid Clinic, A professor at Kansas University and a Judge and then Chief Justice on the 10th circuit Court of Appeals.  Podcast

Immigration Policy Debate

7 March 2012

The Federalist Society welcomed Robert Alt of the Heritage Foundation
and Stephen Manning of the Immigrant law group to debate SB1070, the
287(g) program and other initiatives and issues in State/Federal cooperation and competition in enforcing immigration laws. Mr. Alt is the Director of the Rule of Law Programs at the Heritage Foundation. Prior to joining the Heritage Foundation, he was a professor at Case
Western Reserve University of Law and a clerk for Judge Alice Batchelder  on the 6th Circuit. Mr. Manning  is an alumni of Lewis & Clark,
serves as Chair of the Amicus Committee for the American Immigration
Lawyers Association and past chair of the Oregon Chapter of the American
 Immigration Lawyers Association.

Student Free Speech 5 March 2012 The Federalist Society welcomed Ms. Allyson Ho for a discussion  with Professor Van Meter about about student speech and the Tinker Case. Ms. Ho has an impressive record in appellate litigation, having argued before the US Supreme Court, the Texas Supreme Court and numerous other appellate courts as well as clerking for Justice O’Connor.  Podcast
Taxes as a Barrier To Economic Growth with Diana Furtchgott-Roth 27 February 2012 Diana Furchtgott-Roth joined the Federalist Society on the 27th for a discussion with Professor Bogdanski on how the US tax system impedes American Growth, destroys jobs and harms our global competitiveness. Ms. Furchtgott-Roth is a recognized tax policy expert and served in both the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations. We regret that this event is not available to the general public.
Stephen Halbrook v. Professor Kanter: McDonald v. City of Chicago 20 February 2012 The Federalist Society in welcomed Stephen Halbrook, a well resepected Constitutional Law litigant and expert on the 2nd amendment and gun rights in general as he comes to Lewis & Clark to debate Professor Kanter over the McDonald v. Chicago case and the proper role of firearms  Podcast
Brian Morris on Polygraphs and Criminal Investigation 13 February 2012 Brian Morris, a certified instructor and polygraph examiner came to Lewis & Clark to talk about modern polygraph technology and procedure and provided a demonstration with explanation about how the polygraph works. Podcast
John Radsan and Tung Yin on Unarmed Drone Strikes 07 February 2012 John Radsan is the Founder and Director of the National Security Forum, a former Federal Prosecutor, and former assistant general counsel at the CIA. He is a leading authority on many national security issues. He joined us at L&C to discuss unmanned drone strikes. Podcast
Sandra Froman on Concealed Guns 19 January 2012 Sandra Froman was at Lewis & Clark discussing the Second Amendment right to self-defense and how it relates to concealed carry.. Ms. Froman is a prior President of the National Rifle Association, a lifetime member of their board, and a certified firearm instructor. Commentary was provided by Professor Parry.  Podcast
Healthcare Reform Debate

1 November 2011

Doug Bandow of the CATO institute visited Lewis & Clark to have a cordial debate with Professor Heather Vanmeter about the constitutionality of the Healthcare Reform Bill. Mr. Bandow believes it is unconstitutional. Podcast
Civil Gideon: Why the Government Shouldn’t Have to Provide Free Lawyers for the Poor   24 October 2011  Professor Stephanos Bibas of the University of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court clinic visited Lewis and Clark to address students on why he believes the Government shouldn’t provide free lawyers to the poor in civil cases.  Podcast
 Debate: The Tea Party and the Constitution  22 September 2011  The Federal Society and the American Constitution Society welcomed Roger Pilon from the Cato Institute to debate with Professor Bill Funk on the Tea Party and our constitution.  Podcast
 Debate on Over-Criminalization  20 September 2011  The Federalist Society, in partnership with SSDP welcomed Professor Emeritus John Baker who debated Lewis and Clark Professor Tung Yin on over-criminalization as a trend in federal crime.  Podcast