Food and Agriculture Society


The mission of the Food & Agriculture Law Society is to provide an opportunity for students to develop discourse and enhance their understanding of current legal issues in food and agriculture law and public policy. Food and agricultural issues encompass a wide spectrum including but not limited to: public health, environmental sustainability, natural resource appropriation, food safety, economics, employment and equity. The purpose of FALS is to facilitate a forum where a diverse network of students, professionals, and food-enthusiasts alike can work together to improve the food and agricultural systems we all rely on. As a group, we acknowledge the current and historical inequities of our food system. We are dedicated to identifying and elevating solutions to climate change and promoting BIPOC voices in food and agriculture. It is our goal to continue to educate and advocate on behalf of a more just system.



  • Promote discussion on campus and in the community about food and agriculture topics.
  • Connect interested students with alumni practicing in the areas of food and agricultural law.
  • Connect and collaborate with local farms and relevant businesses and nonprofits.
  • Highlight the connections between food and agriculture law and other legal topics including, but not limited to, environmental law, animal law, immigration law, labor law, etc.
  • Collaborate with other student groups to promote events related to food and agriculture.
  • Facilitate a way for students to engage in volunteer opportunities in the community.