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Food & Wine Law Society


The mission of the Food & Agriculture Law Society (formerly Food & Wine Law Society) is to provide an outlet for students to gain experience and understanding of current legal issues in food law and policy. To achieve these goals, FALS will aspire to provide students with connections in the professional Food Law field, instigate thoughtful discussions, panels, and events surrounding relevant topics in food and agriculture law, provide a means for students to engage with and volunteer in the local community, and act as a resource for students and community members interested in learning more about relevant concerns in the field.  



  • Promote discussion on campus and in the community about local and global food issues
  • Connect food law alumnae and practitioners with students interested in the field
  • Connect with local rural and urban farms in the community
  • Highlight the connections between food law and other legal topics including, but not limited to, environmental law, animal law, immigration law, labor law, etc.
    • Collaborate with other student groups to promote events within these narrower subsections of food law issues
  • Facilitate a way for students to engage in volunteer opportunities in the community
  • Promote healthy nutrition for law students
  • Work with food providers on campus to address issues such as allergy and ingredient lists
  • Introduce strategies to reduce/eliminate food waste