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Food and Agriculture Law Society


Co-Director: Teresa Smith

Teresa is a 2L and is passionate about every aspect of food and agriculture law. She hopes to focus on how food and ag intersect with labor and immigration issues. Teresa is also currently serving on the board of the Food Law Student Network and is really exciting to help promote issues of food law at Lewis & Clark. Teresa is originally from Skagit County, Washington, where she grew up on a small farm with llamas and sheep. She then moved to DC, where she was able to volunteer at various farms and at one point held the position of “18th Century Crop Master” on a colonial farm, a title that she will never take off her resume no matter how ridiculous it is. Her spirit produce is arugula. 


Co-Director: Shannon Suehr

Shannon is a 2L from Minnesota. She is interested in food because she is interested in everything, and the food system intersects with just about everything. Not to mention all the overt injustices in our food system that are just waiting to be reconciled. Shannon came to law school because she thinks the law is a powerful tool in trying to create a more sustainable and equitable food system in the US and in the world, which she guesses is what she would like to do “when she grow ups.” Shannon took a quiz to see what her spirit produce is and got spinach: reliable, low maintenance, and giving. 



Secretary: Carley Pouland

Carley is a 1L at Lewis & Clark from Fort Worth, Texas. She studied environmental science at the University of Maryland, where she found a passion for environmental law and sustainable agriculture. She hopes to have her own farm someday and use her law degree to help farmers understand and comply with environmental regulations. Her spirit vegetable is a carrot because like her they are chock full of fiber and sugar and loved by bunnies everywhere! 




Treasurer: Brigit Rollins
Social Media & Outreach Chair: Rachel Heatley
Evening Student Representative: Brittany Rowe