If/When/How Lewis & Clark Law operates on a horizontal structure. Per SBA guidelines we do have a designated treasurer, but beyond that we work together on small teams to complete tasks. We do this so that we can remain flexible and ensure that no one burns out, but we also feel that this non-hierarchical structure is most authentic to the work we aim to accomplish.

2022-2023 Board Members:

Abby Greenfield - 2L (she/her)
Brooke Eide - 3L (she/her)
Emma Thatcher - 3L (she/her)
Kendra Summers - 3L (she/her)
Mikaela Marino - 2L (she/they)
Rosie Lutz - 2L (they/she)
Samantha Stanfill - 3L (she/her)

2022-2023 1L Reps:

Arlette Lozano Villegas - 1L (she/her)
Axel Jurgens - 1L (he/his)
Carter Jane Pond - 1L (she/her)
Megan Flaherty - 1L (she/her)

Faculty advisor: Professor Jim Oleske