Immigration Student Group (ISG)

The Immigration Student Group (ISG) seeks to connect students to the local immigration law community and to the immigrant rights movement. ISG connects students with local volunteer opportunities and organizes lectures about current events in immigrant rights and immigration law. ISG organizes an annual asylum clinic for law students over spring break. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, ISG coordinated regular volunteer trips to family detention centers in Texas and to Tijuana, Mexico to provide legal support to immigrants and families at critical points in the asylum process. 

Email us at to sign up for our mailing list! For resources regarding pursuing immigration law at Lewis & Clark, including classes and externships, please see our flyer here

2023-2024 Executive Board

President: Kristine Quint
Vice President: Grace Gosz
Secretary: Krista Lewis
Treasurer: Maggie Baker
Communications Coordinator: Rachel Ballard
Event Coordinators: Beth Sethi, Naomi Kitchen-Huan
Volunteer Coordinator: Natalie Lerner
1L Representatives: Elaine Morado, Emma Orth, Matt Bratek

Faculty Advisor: Juliet Stumpf

U.S. Mexico Border seen from Tijuana, Mexico
ISG students volunteered for Al Otro Lado in Tijuana, Mexico
January 2020 | ISG student volunteers traveled to Tijuana, Mexico to support Al Otro Lado’s work with asylum seekers turned away at the border.