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Immigration Student Group (ISG)

Our Board

ISG 2016-2017 Board

President: Cecilia Anguiano

Cecilia Anguiano is a second year law student. She moved from Wisconsin to Portland to attend Lewis & Clark. 

Although Cecilia’s parents were once undocumented, it wasn’t until she immersed herself in her community after college that her interest in immigration law grew.  

After college, Cecilia worked at Voces de la Frontera organizing students, workers and immigrant families around social justice issues. Going to law school to study Immigration Law and Employment Law were clear next steps.

Cecilia looks forward to being a part of  ISG!

Vice President: Michael Reyes

Michael Reyes moved to Portland, Oregon from Denver, Colorado. He studied political science at Northern Arizona University.  Working in immigration law is a natural fit because he is passionate about helping people. In his free time, Michael loves to wakesurf with his friends on the Willamette river and cheer for his beloved Arizona Cardinals. He is grateful for an amazing group of members in Immigration Student Group and is looking forward to the school year 2016-2017. 

Volunteer Director: Tessa Copeland

Tessa is a third year law student. She moved to Portland from her home state of Texas, where she worked in animal rescue and medicine.

In her first year of law school, Tessa learned about the practice of family detention in America and immediately became passionate about helping the women and children locked up within that system.  Through the CARA Pro Bono project, Tessa has been able to travel to south Texas to volunteer directly with these women to help prepare them for their credible fear interviews.  During the summer before her 3L year, she completed an externship with a local immigration firm.  

Tessa is excited to be a part of the ISG board this year and hopes to continue working in the field throughout her legal career.

Treasurer: Britanie Martinez

My name is Britanie Crippen and I am the Treasurer of the Immigration Group. I am originally from the Portland Metro Area and grew up in a community with a large Hispanic population. My step dad was Hispanic and all of my best friends through middle school were also Hispanic. I became passionate about immigration law when I learned that many people that I knew were being forced to live in the shadows because they feared being arrested and deported by our government. Just like our criminal system, our immigration system is broken and it will take passionate people to fix these systems.

1L Representative: Natalie Barringer

Natalie Barringer recently moved to Portland from California. After living in San Francisco and San Diego for most of her life and meeting many undocumented friends and acquaintances, immigration issues are very close to her heart. Having seen firsthand the socioeconomic disadvantages placed upon first generation immigrants in this country, and the great stigma that frequently stands in the way of their achieving the very American dream for which they or their families came to this country, Natalie is extremely excited to be involved with ISG in helping however she can.