President | Trinity Hatch

Hi everyone, I’m Trinity Hatch and a current 3L. I’m a Certified Law Student at the Washington County District Attorney’s Office where I’ve been since my 1L summer. My  interest in Military and Veterans law stems from my own enlistment in the U.S. Air Force prior to coming to law school; however, after studying the topic at Lewis & Clark I have learned that veterans law intersects with many other fields of law and can be accessible to all students. I hope this group serves it’s purpose of educating the student body on veterans issues and providing a space for veteran students to network with each other and the local community.




 Vice President | Sean McGuire

 I was born and raised in the suburbs of Houston, TX. I was enlisted in the U.S. Navy  from 2003-2013 where I served on USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) as a First Class Petty Officer Electrician’s Mate (Nuclear).  I received my BA in Philosophy at PSU 2016. I am Interested in Military Issues including access to care for veterans, diversity in the ranks, constitutional protections for service members, foreign policy and its impact on service members, moral injury. Outside of law school my hobbies include Table Tennis and “digital entertainment” (i.e., video games).




Secretary | Brian Hunter

Hello, my name is Brian Hunter and I am a 4L in the evening division. I am pursuing an environmental certificate and hope to work in environmental law after graduation. I became passionate about environmental protection after joining the U.S. Coast Guard and working as a Marine Science Technician performing environmental response, investigations, and enforcement. I am drawn to military law because of the unique culture found in the military. Service members come from different socio-economic backgrounds, states, territories, and experiences but end up with a unique shared culture. This culture needs to be better understood by the broader legal community for us to better serve our veteran clients. I hope to see you soon at our next meeting!

Treasurer | Hi’ilei Haru

 Hi, I’m Hi’ilei, and I’m a 4L evening division student. I       became interested in military and veterans law after   interning with the Air Force JAG Corps after my 1L year.   Although not a veteran or previously interested in military   and veterans issues, through my internship I learned how   civilian federal and state laws interact with military law and   how those interactions affect members and their families.   Further, I learned that a person’s military career can have   long-lasting effects on their life, and that practitioners in all   areas can benefit from being aware of laws that impact   veterans.