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Ocean Research and Conservation Alliance (ORCA)


President / El Capitan

Johnathon Carter 

Johnathon enjoying quality time on the Oregon coast

Johnathon is a native Hoosier and thus loves mid-range jump shots and a solid fundamental bounce pass. He has an affinity for the ocean - he especially loves hammerhead sharks, great white sharks, and, of course, orcas. He wants to work toward eliminating single-use plastics and increasing legal protections for marine mammals. 

Vice President / Wave Commander

Meg Price

VP Meg Price

As a scuba diving instructor, Meg has seen firsthand how pollution has devastated oceanic environments. Bearing witness to the decline of marine mammals and coral structures inspired her passion for ocean advocacy and policy. Through strategic litigation efforts, she aspires to achieve measurable outcomes that will help keep our oceans biodiverse and abundant.

Treasurer / Master of Coin

Chelsea Stewart-Fusek

Faculty Advisor / The Wind of Wisdom

Professor Kathy Hessler  

Professor Kathy Hessler

Professor Hessler started working to protect animals in 1988 and has focused her teaching, lecturing, legal practice, and writing on animal law since 2008. Troubled by the lack of information about, and protection for, aquatic animals, she created the Aquatic Animal Law Initiative (AALI) in 2016 to address this gap as a part of the work of her Animal Law Clinic. AALI represents clients in the U.S. and abroad and seeks to harmonize and further the interests of humans, animals, and the environment. On April 3, 2020, AALI initiated the first annual World Aquatic Day as a result of the work of ALLI Fellow, Amy P. Wilson and clinic students. Professor Hessler enjoys supporting students as they work to become legal advocates for animals and the environment.

**The following ORCA Board positions are currently vacant for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 school year:

1L Representative

2L Representative

LLM Representative

Students who are interested in filling these positions should send a brief statement of interest to 



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