Johnathon Carter 

Johnathon enjoying quality time on the Oregon coast

Johnathon is a native Hoosier and thus loves mid-range jump shots and a solid fundamental bounce pass. He has an affinity for the ocean - he especially loves hammerhead sharks, great white sharks, and, of course, orcas.  



Meg Price

VP Meg Price

As a scuba diving instructor, Meg has seen firsthand how pollution has devastated oceanic environments. Bearing witness to the decline of marine mammals and coral structures inspired her passion for ocean advocacy and policy. Through strategic litigation efforts, she aspires to achieve measurable outcomes that will help keep our oceans biodiverse and abundant.


Vice President 

Allie Sandhu


Allie is a native Oregonian, turned Washingtonian, and has never lived further than two hours from the Pacific coast. Her passion for the ocean began in childhood from annual visits with her family to the Oregon Coast, where she would play in the freezing cold waves for hours on end. She credits an encounter with Keiko at the Newport Aquarium in the 90’s as the beginning of her determination to work toward furthering marine mammal protections and conservation, with a specific passion for the protection of the endangered Southern Resident Orcas; the number one item on her bucket list is to someday kayak beside them!


Treasurer/3L Representative

Shelby Vaver


Growing up on the Puget Sound, the ocean is like a second home to Shelby. Earth Justice magazines and water-sport equipment characterized her early childhood. Throughout Shelby’s educational career, she devoted her time to various nonprofit organizations dedicated to the preservation of wetlands in both Washington and Oregon. As a 3L at Lewis & Clark Law School, Shelby looks forward to utilizing her environmental education to protect Earth’s water.

To stand at the edge of the sea, to sense the ebb and flow of the tides, to feel the breath of a mist, is to have knowledge of things that are as nearly eternal as any earthly life can be.” - Rachel Carson


2L Representative 

Casey Horan


1L Representative

Isabella Coye


Isabella is from Los Angeles and is more used to the sunny coastal scene, but came up to L&C to pursue Environmental Law in the most fitting place imaginable- Portland! Isabella has had a lifelong passion for the ocean: she’s been an avid scuba diver for years and a marine life geek for a long as she can remember. She hopes to use environmental law to keep our oceans and coasts healthy and thriving, along with the marine life that inhabits them!


Events Coordinator

Ally Grimaldi


A connoisseur of oceanic folklore and admirer of the vibrance of all life under the sea, Ally has lived in Portland practically her whole life but has always longed to live on the coast. Ally is passionate about environmentalism and wildlife conservation and she hopes to one day work towards coral reef restoration efforts, enacting legal protections for marine wildlife, and creating cleaner, healthier oceans through informed policy.


Media Coordinator 

Caitlin Stiltner


Growing up in a landlocked state, Caitlin has always been fascinated by the ocean and is stoked that she now gets to attend school in such close proximity to the coast. Caitlin is passionate about environmental issues and wildlife conservation. She wants to pursue a career in improving environmental protection and tackling environmental issues.

Faculty Advisor 

Professor Kathy Hessler  

Professor Kathy Hessler

Professor Hessler started working to protect animals in 1988 and has focused her teaching, lecturing, legal practice, and writing on animal law since 2008. Troubled by the lack of information about, and protection for, aquatic animals, she created the Aquatic Animal Law Initiative (AALI) in 2016 to address this gap as a part of the work of her Animal Law Clinic. AALI represents clients in the U.S. and abroad and seeks to harmonize and further the interests of humans, animals, and the environment. On April 3, 2020, AALI initiated the first annual World Aquatic Day as a result of the work of ALLI Fellow, Amy P. Wilson and clinic students. Professor Hessler enjoys supporting students as they work to become legal advocates for animals and the environment.



ORCA Credit: @gracejohnsondzn