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Probate and Estate Planning Society (PēPS)


PēPS aims to introduce students to the multifaceted world of estate planning.  For those who envision practicing law in a challenging, complex field while developing lifelong, meaningful relationships with clients, estate planning could be the perfect fit.  Drawing upon legal elements from a range of fields including property law, tax law, and family law, estate planning demands a wide legal knowledge. PēPS serves as an introduction to those who may be unfamiliar with this sometimes misunderstood area of law as well as a spring board for those who have already discovered estate planning and wish to grow their interest.  Guest attorney panels, live probate hearings, and networking events all help to shine a light on the fascinating, impactful, and important field of estate planning. 


Can you write a will in crayon? (Yes!)

Can someone who murders their parents inherit from them? (It depends on which state you’re in…)

Can you will all of your earthly possessions to your dog? (No, but in many states you can set up a trust to care for it, and assign someone to make sure it’s happy. We can tell you how!)

A Brief Introduction to the Law

The probate system controls your property at death will be distributed. The probate system controls the collection of your property, allows creditors to collect debts from it, and then distributes the remainder according to your will, or to the default rules.

Estate Planning covers a variety of ways to alter this basic process. Gifts, trusts, and other tools are available to specify your wishes, minimize tax impact, and easily alter your decisions. 

Relevant courses include: Wills and Trusts; Family Law, Income Tax I, Business Associations I, Elder Law, and Estate and Gift Tax

Please join us for lectures, course planning, and networking opportunities, as well as for any questions about the field!