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Public Interest Law Project

Director of Stipend Board Relations

Eligibility: Any current student who will be enrolled for the 2018-19 academic year is eligible to apply.

The Director of Stipend Board Relations:

  1. Administers PILP’s summer stipend program. This role includes updating, improving, and distributing stipend applications, and setting the stipend application deadlines.
  2. Works with the Auction Marketing Director & Webmaster mid-summer to write an informational flyer about the summer award application process to be submitted for inclusion in the 1L Orientation Packet.
  3. Coordinates a least one fall and one spring information session for interested student applicants.
  4. Serves as a point person and resource for students interested in the stipend program.
  5. In the spring semester, the Director forms the Stipend Board and schedules the meeting to select stipend recipients. This process entails recruiting attorneys, faculty members, and students to serve on the Stipend Board. The Director serves as the chair of the Stipend Board, but will not vote in the stipend recipient selection process.