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Public Interest Law Project

First-Year Board Representative

First-Year Board Representatives (1L Reps)

Eligibility: Any student who is enrolled as a 1L during the 2019-20 academic year may apply for this position. Multiple students will be selected to serve.

Due Date: Applications for this position are due September 13, 2019.

1L Board Rep:

  1. Serves as the primary contact between the first-year student body and the PILP Executive Board.
  2. Actively represents PILP to the first year student body through tabling, social media, communicating PILP events to the 1L class, recruiting support from the 1L class for PILP generally, and encouraging 1L students to participate in PILP events.
  3. Assists with coordinating at least one PILP event or activity during the year under the supervision of the Project Coordinator or another designated Executive Board Officer.
  4. Responsible for tasks assigned and approved as needed by other Executive Board Officers.
  5. Undertake a specific role in fundraising efforts as the Fundraising Directors provide.

1L Auction Team Member:

  1. Assists the Auction Director in preparing for the 2020 PILP Auction.
  2. Attends at least one procurement phone bank.
  3. Assists the Procurement Director.
  4. Aids in marketing of the auction.
  5. Attends PILP board meetings.


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Public Interest Law Project

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