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Public Interest Law Project


Elegibility: A nominee for this position must have served on the PILP Executive Board for at least one year.

The President:

  1. Acts as the administrative head, representative, and primary contact for the organization.
  2. Sets the agenda and schedule for board meetings and oversees each meeting.
  3. Administers PILP elections.
  4. Attends alumni and law school events throughout the year to raise PILP’s profile in the Lewis & Clark and legal communities.
  5. Acts as the primary liaison between PILP and the Dean, other student organizations, the SBA, the Career Services Office, the Office of Alumni Relations, the Development Department, and essential staff and faculty members.
  6. Assists Officers of the Executive Board in their interactions with groups and individuals within Lewis & Clark community to maintain PILP’s reputation and relationships on campus.
  7. Maintains the PILP e-mail account, checking e-mail regularly.
  8. Supervises updates and additions to PILP webpages.
  9. Supports all other Executive Board Officers in their duties.