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Public Interest Law Project

Secretary & Archivist

Eligibility: Any current student who will be enrolled for the 2018-19 academic year is eligible to apply.

The Secretary & Archivist:

  1. Documents and archives PILP events during the Officer’s term of service.
  2. Gathers information about previous PILP events and participants, as feasible, and communicates the information to the Project Coordinator upon request.
  3. Updates internal PILP records. This task includes organizing files on the PILP network drive, and finding methods to improve the archival process for accessibility to future Executive Boards.
  4. Attends all Executive Board meetings and takes the minutes for each meeting, making the minutes available to the Executive Board in a timely manner after each meeting. If the Secretary & Archivist is unable to attend a meeting, the Officer must appoint another Executive Board Officer to keep the minutes for that meeting. If the Officer is unable to attend more than three consecutive meetings, the Officer will appoint another Executive Board Officer to fulfill the role of taking the minutes for the remainder of the semester.
  5. Following the Auction, the Secretary & Archivist will work with the Auction Directors to update Auction records and to record any new information the Auction Directors wish to pass on to future years, upon request by the Auction Directors.

Public Interest Law Project

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