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Public Interest Law Project

Marketing Director & Webmaster

Eligibility: Any current student who will be enrolled for the 2018-19 academic year is eligible to apply.

The Marketing Director & Webmaster:

  1. Responsible for maintaining PILP’s presence in all current social media networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) and passing all essential account information to the next Officer in this position.
  2. Responsible for creating and circulating the PILP newsletter before spring term as a means of keeping the legal community updated about PILP events, and in particular, the auction.
  3. Ensures all PILP webpages are updated and functional. This Officer must attend training sessions to learn Lewis & Clark website development tools.
  4. Advertises events on LiveWhale, the Lewis & Clark Law School website software.
  5. Works cooperatively with the Auction Marketing and Event Coordinator to ensure a cohesive publicity strategy.
  6. Maintains the PILP Listserve, including adding new members and removing expired members at the beginning of each academic year.

Public Interest Law Project

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